aube cambonAube Cambon has always had a great passion for gold jewelry and gemstones. After law school, an art history and a master certified as expert furniture / art objects, it goes to the jewelery.
After several internships in workshops and specialized training in the School of Jewelry in the Rue du Louvre in Paris, she created her first collection in 2014.

Reflecting various ancient influences such as ancient and Renaissance art of the Mediterranean basin, sensitive to natural landscapes, garden art, feeding exhibitions, travel, and artistic atmosphere and varied stylistic joaillères his creations are placed in a contemporary and authentic perspective. They shine by their unusual precious and refined evoking sensuality and sobriety.
Enroll in a culture references mixer, observe people and things to give a singular interpretation, are the main sources of inspiration for the designer. The jewel is apprehended by it as the expression of a desire shaped by the history of the Sponsor, provided closer by the artist. The inclusion of a trace. Jewelry as an extension of oneself.

Gold sanded, hammered, polished, decorated or discrete tilings bright and colorful gems, original Aube Cambon, through their unique compositions bear the signature of the craftsman.